Growing Red Cabbage

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In the past I made a post on how to get a second crop from your cabbage in one season. Today I thought why not make a post about my favorite type of cabbage, specifically how to grow red cabbages.

Unlike the normal green cabbages, their heads are smaller and have a reddish color both on the inside and outside. They are both cool weather plants and the growing process is pretty much the same, however the red varieties like Rodynda and Super Red 80 tend to grow better when planted in spring i.e. April to June.

Growing Red Cabbage

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • red cabbage seeds or seedlings
  • compost
  • organic fertilizer
  • fishbone
  • watering can
  • mulch
  • knife

In order to have your seedlings ready for transplanting, your seeds must be planted during winter from February to early April.The seedlings are ready when they are about six weeks old, between 2 and a half to three inches, and with about 6 leaves. Plant them in rows about 12 inches apart and 4 inches deep in a sunny area.

As far as pests and diseases are concerned watch out for cabbage root flies, caterpillars, white flies, club rot and wirestem. Pigeons and butterflies can be a problem too, therefore a net maybe needed to protect your plants. Also try to keep the area weed free as they can damage the roots.

Keep them well watered, weekly with at least 1.5 inches of water. If you apply mulch, you will find you water your plants less frequently, especially on hotter days. After about four weeks you can apply a second dose of organic fertilizer.

The red cabbage will be ready for harvest between August and November. You know they are ready when the head is firm, just use a knife to cut the heads off. Remember, to use vinegar and stainless steel knives when cooking to prevent any color changes.

You can get more information on Quick Crop website, here…

How To Grow Red Cabbage

You can watch this video on planting red cabbage…


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