Growing Potatoes In Bags
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Oh, you gotta love them potatoes. They seem to be able to grow in the strangest of places. They actually manufacture and sell bags they call potato growing sacks that you can grow a tonne of potatoes in. Just like other methods, when you grow potatoes in bags, you plant them in layers adding more layers as the bottom one starts to grow some visible shoots. You also want to keep your bag moist at all times, not too wet though you do not want your plants to rot.

Growing Potatoes In Bags

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Potatoes
  • Potato Growing Sacks
  • Compost
  • High Potash Fertilizer

Applying high potash fertilizer as recommended will boost your plants. When it is flowering time, make sure that you really water your sack, this is the time that water is highly need by the plants. If you start your plants in February some should be ready for you in about June/July. The real harvest should be expected around September. Before you plant them you should chit them. This will help them grow faster once you plant them in the sack or bag.

You can get more information on growing potatoes in sacks, here…

How To Grow Potatoes In Bags


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