Grandma’s Secret Compost Weapon

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When it comes to composting the goal is to end up with very high nutrient rich organic matter that you can add to your plants to help them grow. It turns out that this Grandma’s compost secret does exactly that and more.

Don’t get fooled by the simplicity of this ‘secret’, it gets the job done. Smart grandma never has to worry about turning or aerating her compost. They say Mama always knows best, I think in this case we can say Grandma always knows best.

Grandma's Secret Compost Weapon
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • PVC Pipes
  • Compost In Bin/Cage
  • Hand Drill

Cut the PVC pipe so it runs the whole length of your compost, leaving about 5 inches sticking out on each end. Using the drill, drill a few holes into the PVC pipes.

Drive each pipe through different areas of your compost and your compost cage. This will allow air to travel into those areas of your compost. Aerating your compost helps to speed up the decomposing process. The oxygen is used by the bacteria within the compost to multiply and this speeds up the whole process.

You can get step by step instructions on the Desperate Gardener blog, here..

Grandma’s Secret Compost Weapon


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