Easy No Equipment Dry Canning At Home

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They say you learn a new thing everyday, and today my new thing was dry canning. I was not aware that you could actually can dried food stuff such as ground mustard, cream of tartar, dried chili peppers and dried spinach. I would normally just put it in a container, shut the lid and store away. Apparently if you dry can then they will last even longer. The best part about this dry canning method I discovered is that you do not need any power, special equipment plus your dry food is never exposed to heat. The ‘secret’ is these little things that they call oxygen absorbers.

Easy NO Equipment Dry Canning At Home
Photo by Stephanie Dayle ©2013
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Dried Food
  • Oxygen Absorbers Or Hand Warmers
  • Canning Jars

This dry canning method works best for smaller quantities of dried food. You have to make sure your jars are clean and completely dry before you put anything in them. If you do not know what oxygen absorbers are don’t worry Stephanie, will explain everything and even tell you where you can get them. I should admit that this is probably the easiest canning method, I have come across so far. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know I love the simple stuff.

You can get full details on this method on the American Preppers Network Blog, here…

Easy No Equipment Dry Canning Method


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