DIY Worm Towers

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Ain’t it funny that as an avid gardener, I have only just recently discovered how useful these can be for your garden. I mean I have mastered everything else from how to prepare your garden soil, to composting and even straw bale gardening. My latest discovery was these diy worm towers.

Why use worm towers? Well, they are responsible for attracting worms to your garden by simply adding sweet food scraps. Having worms roaming your garden, is the best thing that you can do for your garden soil. Worms are responsible for aerating the soil, breaking down organic matter and making the soil more workable as well as fertile. Don’t worry, these towers are very easy to make, and use in your garden.

DIY Garden Worm Towers
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

The wider your pipes, the better it makes it easier to feed your scraps to it. With this in mind, try to use pipes which are at least a 4 inches in diameter. Mark, measure and cut your pipes to about 2 feet long. This will allow about an foot above the ground, and another below the ground. Mark 5 rows, from the bottom end of your pipe.

Within each row, you want to mark holes about 3 inches apart. These are the holes that will allow worms into your tower. Use the drill, to make these holes in your pipe. Dig holes about a foot deep in your garden, stick in the end of the pipes with the holes. Use the end caps, to cover the tops of the towers, after you have added your food scraps. It’s amazing how something so simple to build, can transform your garden! 🙂

You can follow step by step instructions on the Rootsy blog here…

DIY Garden Worm Towers

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