DIY Wood Pallet Outdoor Bar

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Ahhh, just when you thought I could not possibly find another diy wood pallet project, I surprise you yet again or not, lol. You may have not had a chance to try the diy wood pallet end table or the diy wood pallet planter box, I shared recently. However, I am sure many would love to set up this diy wood pallet outdoor bar asap.

This will certainly be a great addition to your patio or outdoor furniture. If you are not very handy or good with tools, this is not a difficult project either. It is just a matter of grabbing a few wood pallets which are usually free and some materials from the local hardware store. Total project time is just about 60 minutes.

Homemade Wood Pallet Outdoor Bar Plans
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • wood pallets
  • sand paper
  • q-tip
  • wood stainer
  • wood screws
  • hand drill
  • landscape adhesive
  • concrete slabs
  • clamp (optional)
  • grinder (optional)

Finally here is a project that does not require you to dismantle the pallets. The first thing you need to do is just sand them down using some sand paper or a grinder. Once that is done, you can apply at least two coats of the wood stainer. The pallets can then be screwed together using at least 3 wood screws for each board.

With your sturdy bar structure complete, you are ready to add the finishing touches. The landscape adhesive will be applied to the top surface, this will hold the concrete slabs in place giving you that concrete counter top finish. For such a simple project, I absolutely love our new outdoor bar built from re-purposed wood pallets.

You can follow step by step instructions on the DIY Joy blog, here…

DIY Wood Pallet Outdoor Bar Plans

You can watch the video below on how to build diy outdoor pallet bar…


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