DIY Wood Pallet Living Wall

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I saw one of these at my neighbours house, and asked how much it had cost. They just laughed at me and told me they had built one themselves. So I headed to the internet, and found plans for this diy wooden pallet living wall that has been added to my ‘to do’ projects list.

These living walls serve many purposes, some are just for design and ambience. Others like mine will actually allow you to grow stuff indoors like herbs and lettuece. If you can get a free wood pallet and plant your own plants this project will not cost you anywhere close to the $100 mentioned in the plans.

DIY Wood Pallet Living Wall
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • young plants or herbs
  • wood pallet
  • wood nails
  • hammer
  • thin plywood sheet or plastic
  • plastic sheeting
  • landscaping faric
  • staple gun
  • potting soil
  • heavy duty metal chain (optional)
  • eyehooks (optional)

There is a little dismantling required for this project, thankfully it is just the top slats because we all know dismantling pallets is not fun. Once the top is off, we move to the back first attaching the thin plywood, followed by one layer of plastic sheeting for wall moisture protection and lastly one or two layers of landscaping fabric.

Measure the slats position, I will stick to the 2.5″ recommendation. I do not want to have problems with space when it is time to plant. The landscaping fabric is stapled to create dirt pockets which are filled with potting mix before the fun part, planting starts.

I would love to hang my living wall but I am not to sure I can find heavy duty chain. Maybe I should just use heavy duty wire instead. It should do the job,me thinks. Otherwise, it will have to lean against one of my kitchen walls. Let’s see if I can build one of these in just a day, that is how long it should take.

You can follow step by step instructions on the Beers N Beans blog, here….

DIY Pallet Living Wall Plans


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