DIY Wood Pallet Goat Shelter

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When you are raising goats, just like with other livestock they need a nice shelter to keep them warm. You may even add this goat hay feeder, so they can eat when they are inside this diy wood pallet goat shelter.

If you live in colder climate areas, don’t worry there are ways to insulate the shelter with plywood, tarp or plastic sheeting. Especially placed over the roof and the sides.

DIY Wood Pallet Goat Pen
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • rolls of 4mm plastic sheeting
  • wood pallets
  • staple gun
  • salt lick
  • wood screws
  • plastic tarp (optional)
  • plywood (optional)

I love how this shelter is customizable as far as the number of stalls you can have. Each stall is big enough to hold two large goats and three smaller goats.

Once you have decided how many stalls, you can then begin building the shelter. You can build a one, two or three stall goat shelter using this design.

Another great thing about this project, is that you do not have to dismantle the wood pallets. Just lay them in a specific way, and attach them together with screws or nails.

Cover the outside and the roof with plastic sheet for insulation. This will cost far less that using the plywood. But you have to be very careful when installing the plastic or tarp, apparently your goats can feed on it. Bad goats!!!

You can follow step by step instructions on eHow, here…

DIY Wood Pallet Goat Shelter Plans

You can watch this video below, for another goat wood pallet shelter design…


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