DIY Wood Pallet Boat Shelf

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Oh look mummy, its a boat. That is exactly what my little girl said when she saw this. I think this is the real reason why we all love it, right? I mean we have made other cute stuff from wood pallets like the diy wood pallet sofa and the diy wood pallet outdoor bar. However, I think this diy wood pallet boat shelf is right up there with the best of the best.

Unfortunately, this project requires the dreaded dismantling section. I think we are just going to invest in the reciprocating saw and give the crow bar a rest in the future. Personally I take a few days to dismantle my wood pallets, slowly but surely. It tends to less painful, when I do it this way. This is my lovely hubby’s project, I will just offer to help with the little stuff here and there.

How To Make A Boat Shelf From Wood Pallets
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

The first thing you have to do is dismantle the pallet using your crow bar or reciprocating saw. Then you go on to cutting with your miter saw the 8″ long boards that will make the sides of shelf. Lay down 5 to 6 planks and nail them together using two shorter pieces about 19″ wide. This will be the back of your shelf.

On either side of the back, cut out a small curve for the boat shape using your jig saw. Measure 40″ inches high, and mark the center of the back at that level. Mark out the front curve of the boat to that center point, cut it out and use that template on the other side.

For the sides, apply some glue to the one end press that into the side of your back and staple it in. Repeat until you have gone the whole way around. Then it’s time to use your drawing skills again, for marking out the bottom front flushing before cutting out the shape. Apply some glue, press it on and then staple or nail it in place. Do the same for the sides and the top too.

The shelves will be held in place by four one by one pieces of wood nailed inside the sides of your bookshelf. Measure inside the walls of your boat, to get the lengths of your two shelves. When installing the shelf holders, use the mini level to help you ensure your shelves are balanced. If you want to be fancy you can go ahead and paint or stain your shelf, but it looks great without any paint.

You can watch the video below on how to make a boat shelf…


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