DIY Wine Box Garden Beds

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Although we have access to a large piece of land for growing things and other farm life activies, I stil enjoy trying to grow things in different spaces. For example we have done the diy stock tank garden and the diy wine barrel garden already. I found these diy wine box garden beds intriguing and worth a try too.

Of course you could go the super easy way, which involves filling some wine boxes with potting soil. However, the project we will be taking a look at today, went one step further. He managed to incorporate a wicking system. Works well for most plants including lettuce and strawberries. Total cost for each box is about $10, a lot cheaper if you just raid your garden shed like I do.

DIY Wine Box Garden Beds
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 3/4″ PVC pipe
  • 3/4″ PVC caps
  • 3/4″ PVC couplers
  • duct tape
  • plastic sheeting
  • hacksaw
  • silver marker
  • scissors
  • box knife
  • measuring tape
  • perforated irrigation pipe
  • organic garden soil
  • landscape fabric (optional)

Measure your boxes and then use the measurements to cut your corrugated pipes. To ensure the boxes are water tight, two layers of the plastic plus some duct tape will do the trick. The boxes I got for this project were smooth inside, so there was no need to add a layer of landscape fabric.

Using the provided pictures, I constructed the wicking system with some help from the hubby. This box will not be in an area that receives rainfall, so no need for any drainage holes. We also added the recommended wine cork water level bobbing device, and that indeed helps a lot when you are checking the water levels.

You can follow step by step instructions on Instructables, here…

DIY Wine Box Garden Beds

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