DIY Ugly Drum BBQ Smoker

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LOL! Ok seriously when I first heard the name of this smoker, I was literally on the floor laughing out loud. Thanks goes to my hubby who came to me the other day and said honey, I think we should build this DIY ugly drum BBQ smoker (UDS).

I know when you hear the word ‘smoker’ in there you automatically think this is going to be a complicated diy project. However, fear not it is actually pretty easy if you have basic diy skills. The hard part was finding a food grade drum and then preparing it for the smoker. Total cost for this project should not be more than $50, that is if you were to buy most of the materials.

DIY Ugly Drum BBQ Smoker
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 55 gallon drum with a lid and screw on cap
  • weber grill grate
  • drill bits
  • hand drill
  • bolts
  • nuts
  • washers
  • brass ball valve
  • grill thermometer
  • fire basket
  • string
  • heat resistant paint

Alright, you can start by drilling the 3 ventilation holes 3 inches above the bottom of the drum. Then, no matter what kind of drum you get you MUST set a bonfire in it and burn out any of the bad chemicals and stuff.

Once cooled, it is time to drill the 4 holes for the bolts and nuts that will hold up your grate that you place the meat on. These holes should be drilled at least 7 inches from the top of your drum.

All that’s left is the fire basket that holds the fire in the bottom of the drum. We are still deciding what colors to paint ours although this step is optional, but I have a feeling the hubby will paint it green and gold for his favorite NFL team. As for the smoked meat that comes from this smoker, it is simply delish, delish, delish.

You can follow step by step instructions on the Grilling Companion blog, here…

DIY Ugly Drum BBQ Smoker Plans


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