DIY Two Storey Goat House

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We love looking after our goats, they are now a few more than we started with but that is not a problem at all. Remember we built them this homemade goat hay feeder as well as this diy wood pallet goat barn. If you have one or two goats, this diy two storey goat house could be what you need.

Why do I love this one? Well, the idea of the second storey appartment got my attention. In addition, they have the lower open area which has the hay feeder and room for them to take naps during the day. I don’t know if you are lucky enough to have a spouse who will build this for you, like she was.

DIY Two Storey Goat House
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • lumber
  • metal roofing sheets or shingles
  • wood screws or nails
  • chicken wire
  • hay feeder
  • plywood
  • outdoor paint
  • hand drill
  • jig saw
  • tape measure
  • cinder blocks
  • hammer
  • marker

There are no official plans available for this goat house, but here is how I would personally go about building it. The first step will involve cutting all the plywood and lumber required to build the upper section. Then move on to putting a roof over that section.

Next, I will move on to add the four legs or stilts, before raising the goat house so it stands upright. The ladder needs to be built after measuring the distance between the ground the upper section. Try not to have it at a steep angle or the goats will have a hard time going up and down the ladder. They hay feeder and salt block holder for the bottom section would go in last to complete the goat house.

You can get more information on the Cedar Pond blog, here…

DIY Two Storey Goat House


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