DIY Toys For Your Goats

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Just like your chickens, the goats also need some toys to keep them occupied during the long days. We have only made the diy goat scratching post, which is not really a toy so far. I did some research and found more diy toys for goats, that you could introduce.

The great thing about these toys is that you do not have to buy the required materials, you can just simply re-use what you already have around your homestead. They are also very easy to make and just need a little creative juice to get them set up.

Homemde Toys For Goats
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 5 gallon water container
  • old tires
  • wood pallets
  • old small trampoline
  • shovel
  • pick
  • hammer
  • nails or screws

One of the easiest toys you can introduce to your goats, is simply an empty 5 gallon water container. You do not have to do anything with it, just let them play with it and kick around the pasture. Old tires are great too, you can dig holes and then bury half the tire into the ground. The goats will enjoy climbing up and down the tires.

Wood pallets are great for building climbing platforms, just be creative and lay your pallets on top of each other or even against each other. You can also lay tires on the ground and fill them with cement or concrete to get the same effect. Lastly, introducing an old small trampoline can also provide hours of fun for your goats both young and old.

You can see more pictures & ideas on the Goods Home Design blog, here…

DIY Toys For Your Goats

You can watch the video below showing other toys that goats like to play with…


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