DIY Tomato Trellis Plans

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So it turns out the best way to grow tomatoes is to have them grow off the ground. This is why this diy tomato trellis, is perfect for your tomatoes. It will keep all your fruit off the ground and allow circulation of air preventing any diseases.  In order for this to work you will also need to plant indeterminate tomatoes, commonly known as vining tomatoes.

DIY Ultimate Tomato Trellis
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 2X4 wood planks
  • Steel rod
  • Wood screws
  • Hand Drill
  • Hammer
  • Saw
  • Twine

After you measure your 2X4, build the two A frame supports that go on either side of the trellis. Support the two frames with two full length 2×4’s that run from one end to the other. The twine hangs from top to bottom, and you will plant your tomato plants in line with your twine installation. You can build the whole structure away from the garden and then carry it into place..

You can get more information on the Vegetable Gardener blog, here…

DIY Ultimate Tomato Trellis Plans


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