DIY Tiered Herb Drying Rack

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It is no secret that we grow plenty of fresh herbs, here on our homestead. Everything from thyme, cilantro, basil, saffron, lemon balm , oregano and more. In the past we have dried our herbs in the oven or using brown paper bags. However, my friend Suzie recently showed me this diy tiered herb drying rack and recommended that I give it a shot.

If you have an old picture frames lying around, this is the perfect project for re-purposing them. I love that this design allows you to have at least three or more drying sections. You can therefore choose to dry at least 3 different herbs, in each separate section. Also there is unrestricted air flow which ensures your herbs dry faster as well as evenly.

DIY Tiered Herb Drying Rack
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • old picture frames
  • spray paint
  • window screening
  • chain
  • eyehooks
  • cordless drill
  • pliers
  • staple gun
  • staples
  • scissors
  • tape measure

Start with the messy job of spray painting your frames, then leaving them out to completely dry before continuing with the project. Measure out the backs of the frames and proceed to cut out 3 screens that will fit on the back of each frame. Use the staple gun to attach the screen to the frame.

Use your cordless drill to predrill holes in each corner of the frames both on the top and underside. Screw in the eyehooks. Your chain needs to be cut into equal lengths, and then attached to the eyehooks. The top four chains are held together by one eyehook, and will be used to hang your drying rack.

You can follow step by step instructions on Fresh Eggs Daily blog, here…

DIY Tiered Herb Drying Rack

You can watch the video below on drying & preserving fresh herbs…


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