DIY Thumb Watering Pots

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Sometimes, I just shake my head when I run into these cool ideas on the internet. Today it was this diy thumb controlled watering pot, that got me a little excited.

It is perfect for watering your delicate seedlings. Every gardener could do with one of these in their garden. Also a great way to re-purpose small plastic containers or jugs.

DIY Thumb Watering Can
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • plastic bottles or jugs
  • hand drill or sharp wire
  • large container or tote

This is actually as easy to make as it looks. It might take a little while drilling all the holes, especially the ones on the bottom. However, that is really all you have to do. Make sure your jug or container has a lid you can screw on tight.

So How Does It Work? It works using the same science behind holding water in a straw. When you fill the container with water, just make sure the top hole is not covered. Then once you cover it, it will only release water when you lift your thumb off it.

You can follow step by step instructions on Fun In The Making blog, here…

DIY Thumb Watering Pots


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