DIY Sun Dried Paper Briquettes

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Our main source of fuel on our homestead is firewood from surrounding trees. We use it for our diy washing machine drumfire pit, diy homemade bbq barrel and the diy propane tank wood stove too. I have recently been investigating alternative sources, that is how I discovered these diy sun dried paper briquettes.

Unlike the other paper briquettes, there is a slight modification to this recipe. Instead of pressing just paper, efforts have been made to try various flammable materials. This in turn allows you to make way more briquettes using the same amount of paper. Also with the introduction of other materials, you maybe able to improve the ease of lighting or even how long each one lasts.

DIY Sun Dried Paper Briquettes
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • non coated paper
  • water
  • bucket
  • paper briquette press
  • cookie sheet
  • paper shredder (optional)
  • power drill
  • mixer attachment
  • peanut shells (optional)
  • dry clippings (optional)
  • pine needles (optional)
  • small pine branches (optional)
  • cardboard

The first step involves preparing your paper, which involves shredding and mashing it in the bucket with water. Pull out the drill with the mixer attachment and go wild on the paper pulp. If you haven’t shelled your peanuts, now will be a great time to do that. You can go ahead and prep all the other different fillings.

With all your materials ready, it is time to press your briquettes. Try out different combinations and see what works for you. Once pressed, lay out your briquettes on cookie sheets in a nice sunny spot. It should take up to 5 days for the briquettes to completely dry. Store them away in a nice dry place, ready for use.

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DIY Sun Dried Paper Briquettes

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