DIY Strawberry Cage

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When it comes to growing strawberries, you may or may have not encountered problems arising from various animals, birds as well snails feasting on your juicy berries. We have build the diy vertical strawberry tube planter and diy laundry basket strawberry planter, however in order to tackle the critters issue, this diy strawberry cage is the best solution.

The whole design is based around a raised garden bed. If you already have access to one, then you can simply add on the actual cage. Otherwise, instructions are available to help you build a raised garden bed too. We have a few that are not in currently in use, I will try convert one of those into a ‘cage’.

DIY Strawberry Cage
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • cedar timber
  • hardware cloth
  • heavy duty hinges
  • hooks
  • handles
  • wood screws
  • measuring tape
  • table saw
  • drill
  • hinges

As already stated above, if you do not have a raised garden bed frame, that is the first step when it comes to building your strawberry cage. The design calls for a 12 feet by 3.25 feet bed frame. Then you want to divide them into 4 feet compartments, building a lid frame for each section.

The frame has hardware cloth on the top, which will allow pollinators through to access the berries and do their stuff. At the same time preventing other bugs, birds and animals from getting through. Hinges are attached to each lid and the bottom frame. Finally you will need some sort oflocking mechanism to keep the lid secure.

You can follow step by step instructions on the Gardening Jones blog here…

How To Build A Strawberry Cage

You can watch the video below on the best strawberry box…


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