DIY Straw Bale Cold Frame

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When it comes to cold frames there are many different designs, types and kits you can use in your home garden. The diy straw bale cold frame is probably one of the easiest to build, provided you can get access to to straw bales of course. What is a cold frame? Well according to Wikipedia

In agriculture and gardening, a cold frame is a transparent-roofed enclosure, built low to the ground, used to protect plants from adverse weather, primarily excessive cold or wet. The transparent top admits sunlight and prevents heat escape via convection that would otherwise occur, particularly at night. Essentially, a cold frame functions as a miniature greenhouse to extend the growing season.

This set up will allow you to grow cool weather veggies like kale throughout winter.  Other greens that will do well in your cold frame would be lettuce and chard. You can also use it to get a head start on your gardening when Spring approaches.

DIY Straw Bale Cold Frame
Photo Credit: A Larrapin Garden
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Straw bales
  • Used sliding doors
  • Old blanket (optional)

Prepare the area and plant your vegetables. You can then arrange the straw bales using the picture above as a guide. When you have your outer square created, you can place your sliding doors on top using the bales as support. Be careful this setup can get really hot on a mild clear day, so be sure to open up the windows for ventilation. The blanket can be used to provide extra protection on extra chilly nights. It a really simple project.

You can get more information & tips on A Larrapin Garden blog, here…

DIY Straw Bale Cold Frame


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