DIY Solar Tyre Oven

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Just when I was starting to think I had seen all possible solar cooker designs, I find this new one. This DIY Solar Tyre Oven Or Cooker is made from an old used tyre.

Moses says, a lot of people make these in his home country of Kampala, Uganda. They can be made from repurposed materials with a total cost of less than 5 bucks.

DIY Solar Tyre Oven

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • small black pot (with black lid)
  • cardboard
  • old tyre or tire
  • scotch tape
  • aluminium foil paper
  • clear sheet of glass
  • water bottles
  • old newspaper

Make sure you find a nice flat area that gets plenty of sunshine. The cardboard is what you lay on the ground first and everything else is built around and on top of it.

Step By Step Instructions…

1. Place the tyre on top of the cardboard.

2. Stuff the bottom and sides of the tyre with old newspapers.

3. Place the aluminium foil on the base and around the inside of the tyre.

4. Hold the aluminium foil to the tyre using some scotch tape.

5. Put some scotch tape around the edges of the glass to make it safer.

How To Use The Solar Oven…

Place your food inside the pot, and then place the pot in the middle of the tyre. Cover with the sheet of glass and use the water bottles as weights to hold down the glass.

The old newspaper provides insulation and the aluminium foil acts as a reflector. Moses was able to cook his pumpkin and rice stew in just a few hours, using this cooker.

You can watch Moses building one, in the video below


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