DIY Solar Food Dehydator From Beer Cans

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Did you know you can build a solar food dehydrator from beer cans? Apparently so, and it works like a charm too. A friend told me about this, and at first I did not believe them. They then sent me a link to the video, and yes I am now a believer after having seen it with my own eyes. Now I have to try build this, but I most likely will delegate this to my lovely husband. Love you honey muuuuah! lol.

diy solar food dehydrator from beer cans
Arranging the beer cans…
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diy solar food dehydrator from beer cans
The Finished Solar Food Dehydrator

I spent a few more minutes snooping around Youtube, to see if I could find an easier set of instructions. I am satisfied that Rick has the easiest to follow and most detailed plans for a solar food dehydrator from beer cans. He uses about 40 beer cans ( I guess soda cans would do too). Most of the housing is made from wood and plywood, he says he uses scraps he had left over. As far as tools are concerned, I saw him use a drill, a screwdriver and a cutter. Unfortunately, he does not have written down plans, but I don’t think you need them the video shows every single thing he did.

You can watch the full detailed step by step video below…

Does it really work? Well at the end of the video Rick shows us the difference in temperature between the bottom of the solar housing and the top with the vents into the dehydrator housing. He also tested using a fan instead of the vents, but there was no noticeable difference. It took 2 and a half days of sunshine to fully cure a try of sliced tomatoes. You gotta love solar energy! 🙂


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