DIY Soda Bottle Quail Feeder

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Those damn chickens! LOL I give my girls so much attention and time on this blog, that it almost seems like we do not have any other livestock on the homestead, besides them. Well if you remember correctly a while back we talked about raising quail, on the homestead. Today, I would like to share this diy soda bottle quail feeder with you.

A super simple project that you could do with one eye closed, or even get the kids to help out with. Not only is it easy, you will also be reusing soda bottles, and repurposing them for better use. This design helps you save on feed too, if you have kept quail before you know how much feed they can waste.

DIY 2L Soda Bottle Quail Feeder
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • empty 2L soda bottle
  • utility knife
  • wire (optional)

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1.

Use your utility knife to cut the bottle in half.

Step 2.

Carefully carve out half moons about 2 inches in
diameter on both sides of the bottom half.

Step 3.

Fill the top half upside down into the bottom one.

How To Use? Simply add your feed to the top half, it will automatically refill the bottom half as your quail enjoy their feed. The feeder may need to be tied to the cages with wire, in order to prevent it from being knocked over by your quail.

You can get more information on the Simply Sufficiency blog, here…

DIY Soda Bottle Quail Feeder

You can watch the video below on home made Gravity feeder for quails…


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