DIY Self Watering Rain Gutter Garden

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Here is an interesting gardening system you can try in your own backyard. It is called the self watering rain gutter grow system. This system allows you to grow your vegetables and never have to worry about watering them. It will keep feeding the plants water on demand.

Vinyl gutters are preferred for this project as they won’t react with the water or any chemicals you may use like the metal ones. The standard system is about ten feet in length however it is easy to build a mini version by simply cutting the gutters in half.

DIY Self Watering Rain Gutter Garden

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

– 10′ Vinyl Rain Gutters
– PVC Cleaner
– Rain Gutter End caps
– 10′ Treated 2×4 Wood
– 3/4″ Pole barn screws
– Adjustable Float
– Hand drill
– Garden Hose
– 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket
– 3″ Net cCups
– Potting Mix
– Wood Stain (optional)
– PVC Plastic Tees (optional)
– Used Carpet (optional)


1. Glue the end caps onto the gutters and hold them down until they are set in place.

2. Use your hand drill to attach the gutter to the 2x4s using the pole barn screws. Space them out about 6 inches apart the full length of the gutter. Repeat on the other side of the gutter.

3. Attach the float as high as you can on one of the the end caps. If you are building a multiple gutter system, then you can hook them up using the plastic tees.

4. Drill a 2 7/8″ hole in the bottom of your plastic bucket. Put your net cup through that hole. It’s now time to plant your grow system, watch the video below.

If you lay down carpet in the area you are using for your gutter garden, you won’t have to worry about weeds growing around your garden. In areas with mosquito problems, you can cover the whole system with plastic and staple it down.


How To Plant The Self Watering Rain Gutter Grow System!

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