DIY Self Filling Duck Waterer

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I don’t know if you remember but a little while back we decided to add some ducks to our homestead and decided to build a diy duck house for them too. So far so good, however I was bored the other day and decided to upgrade their waterer to this diy self filling duck waterer.

What I love about this waterer is that, not only is it self filling it also poop free. This system can provide water for the ducks for up to 3 days. The simple but clever design helps prevent any of their poop from contaminating their drinking water, which is awesooome!

DIY Self Filling Duck Waterer
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 5 gallon plastic containers
  • utility knife
  • marker
  • float valve system
  • rubber tubing

I began by assembliing the float valve system and attaching it to the tube or pipe from the resevoir tank. Then I went ahead and marked the water level with a marker, before cutting out holes just big enough for the ducks to put their heads through. These holes are about an inch above the previously marked water level. I used the utility knife for this and cheated by first marking the holes before cutting them out.

I made another small hole which I used to attach the float mechanism inside the waterer. The float will shut off the water flow from the resevoir, when the water reaches the water level. The resevoir should either be hung or placed above the waterer to allow water flow aided by gravity.

You can get more information on the Permaculture News blog, here…

DIY Self Filling Duck Waterer Plans


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