DIY Seed Starting Mix Recipe

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As the winter slowing draws to an end, every avid gardener (me included) is thinking about starting their gardening season. The soil outside is most likely still frozen especially in the cold climates, but you can certainly get started on planting the seeds indoors. This year I will be using this diy seed starting mix recipe, I found online.

There are actually many different ways of making seed starting mix, although the main ingredients are pretty much the same. Making your own mix will save you some money especially if you use a lot of the stuff, it will also ensure you dont have any uneccessary additives in your homemade version vs store bought one.

Homemade Seed Starting Mix Recipe
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • vermiculite
  • peat moss or coir
  • perlite
  • compost (optional)
  • lime (optional)

The recipes themselves are simple, usually you take parts of one of the ingredients and mix it with parts of another. They say if you are going to use compost, you should only use the really fine type otherwise you will be stuck sifting and removing any large chunks.

I think, I will go for the no compost recipe too. Don’t really have time to be sifting through it and removing the larger chunks. Although it would be nice to have compost in there for those organic nutrients, I will just add it when I transplant the seedlingss into the garden.

You can find more recipes on the Little Homesteaders blog, here…

DIY Seed Starting Mix Recipe


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