DIY Rooftop Terrace Goat House

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Often on homesteads, we tend to just build simple shelters for our livestock. Like this diy pallet goat shed, is ideal when you are first starting out. However, as you get settled you can experiment with different options like this diy rooftop terrace goat house.

The project looks complicated, from just viewing the picture below. It is definitely not a beginner project, but if you break it down into 3 sections, then it becomes a little easier to digest. Just because it is a fancy digs for the goats, doesn’t mean you cannot recycle some of the other materials.

DIY Rooftop Terrace Goat House
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • lumber
  • wood posts
  • wood screws
  • miter saw
  • marker
  • jigsaw
  • wood paint (optional)

I couldn’t get access to the actual plans for this build. So what we did was just study the picture with the hubby, and try look at how we could duplicate it. We decided we would start with the bottom frame and deck. Then build the shelter on the side. Next, erect the terrace platform above the enclosed shelter.

Move on to supporting the whole second floor using posts coming through from the base and the ground. The stairs on the side would be attached, before moving to the rooftop terrace to add the guard rail, all the way around the roof. You don’t want your goats to accidentally slip from the second floor, do you now? That’s pretty much it, you could probably paint or stain to decorate it, if you like.

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