DIY Raspberry Trellis

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If you want to grow more raspberries it is recommended that you use a trellis system to support your plants. I was looking up a system to cover a wide area but using less wood. I think this diy raspberry trellis system I found on will do the trick.

Instead of the 9 gauge wire they used, I m just going to use left over wire I have in the shed. Not too sure what gauge it is but I am sure it will do the job. Luckily enough, the hubby said we have some left over one way anchors too so that is just perfect.

DIY Raspberry Trellis Plans
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 2×2 and 2×4 lumber
  • wire
  • one way wire anchors
  • wood screws
  • miter saw

My woodworking skills are not as good as my better half, so I will let him figure out how to construct the supports that go on either end of the raised bed. There are more pictures available on the website to help you with the construction. Meanwhile I will be preparing the bed, for the new raspberry plants.

We are not fixing our trellis to the raised bed, we will dig holes on either end and bury the supports into the ground. The wire looks a little too loose in the picture, we will make ours a little more taught. The raspberry plants are going to need all that extra support.

You can get more information on the Lumber Jacks site, here…

DIY Raspberry Trellis


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