DIY Raised Planter Stand

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There are some people out there, like my auntie Moira, who love gardening but who have back issues that do not allow them the liberty to spend as much time in the garden as they would want to. The common diy raised garden beds, are not high enough. However, I think this diy raised planter stand is the perfect solution.

Yet another added advantage this simple and affordable setup provides is elevating your plants above the ground, making it more difficult for critters and pests to get to them. If you need a trellis to support your plants, you can easily add that too. The cost of the project can be kept low, by using repurposed materials such as timber and drums.

DIY Raised Garden Planter Stand
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

The first stage of the project involves assembling four support assemblies for your drums. Measure and cut out 26 1/4 inch legs and connect each one using the dadoes cut. Measure the cross members and attach them using adhesive and wood screws. The assemblies will then need to be connected to each other.

In order to prevent the drums from moving, spacers are required. With your frame or stand now erect, you can begin cutting your drums in half using a circular saw. Make sure you give the drums a good wash and allow to dry before drilling the drainage holes on the bottom. Install the drums into each support frame, fill with soil and you are ready to start gardening. 🙂

You can follow step by step instructions on the Ideas 2 Live 4 blog here…

How To Make A Raised Planter Stand

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