DIY Raised Bed Garden Soil Recipe

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You are probably thinking, soil recipe, huh? That was my initial reaction too, when I found out that when it comes to raised garden beds it is best to use this diy garden soil recipe.

Why do you need to make your own soil? This is because regular dirt or soil does not have the right mixture of ingredients that will help nourish your plants, retain moisture and to allow for proper drainage.

DIY Raised Bed Garden Soil Recipe

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • compost
  • peat moss
  • vermiculite
  • tarp
  • water
  • mask (optional)

The recipe is easy and involves mixing the three main ingredients, the difficult part comes in the soil calculations you have to make to find out the quantities to use for your raised bed. For example, a 48″ X 48″ X 6″ square foot garden needs 8 cubic feet of soil.

After you have mixed your ingredients, the soil has to be watered and left to settle for at least 14 days before you plant anything. This recipe makes the soil require less fertilizer and less prone to pests and diseases.

You can follow the simple 3 step recipe on Growing Real Food blog, here…

Make Garden Soil For Raised Beds


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