DIY Propane Tank Wood Stove

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Here is a neat little idea for a wood stove or heater for a small room or cabin. This DIY Propane Tank Wood Stove is so adorable, I wanted one the moment I laid my eyes on it.

It is a great way to recycle those old propane tanks, that would have otherwise just been left to rust. Most of the other materials can be salvaged from around the homestead too. I had to go to the local hardware store to get the hinges and the latch for the oven’s front door .

DIY Old Propane Tank Wood Stove

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • old propane tank
  • metal grinder
  • air compressor
  • cutoff blade
  • sheet of steel
  • top plate
  • a welder
  • fence gate latch
  • small metal rod
  • small link chain
  • 2″ old umbrella stand pipe
  • old grill grate
  • black heat resistant paint

Step By Step Instructions.

Step 1.

Remove the valve and the handles on the top of the propane tank, with the cut off blade.


Step 2.

Cut out a section on the side, large enough to act as the front door.


Step 3.

Attach the front door flap back on using two hinges, and weld on a latch on the other end plus a metal rod, that it can latch onto.


Step 4.

Weld on the metal plate on to the top, to provide a flat cooking surface.


Step 5.

Cut out a hole on the top back section and fit in about 6 to 8 inches of the umbrella stand pipe.

Step 6.

Then weld around the pipe and the hole to secure it in place. This will create the vent for your wood stove.


Step 7.

Cut an old grate from a grill so that it fits into the bottom of the propane tank. This will keep your wood off the bottom and allow ashes to fall to the bottom.

Step 8.

On one of the sides of the propane tanks cut out a smaller section, that will act as a slider. This allows the stove to breathe by controlling the airflow.

That’s all there is to this cute wood stove. You can use it to heat your small rooms and cook on it at the same time. Place a kettle on top and boil water for your tea or coffee. Original wood stove was for tiny house design by Steve, from

You can watch the video, below on how to build the wood stove…


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