DIY Portable Outdoor Fireplace

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Cooking outdoors is always a lot of fun, we love to do it all year round even in winter. In my past blog posts we have looked at diy steel metal barrel outdoor wood oven and diy as outdoor cooking options. Today I thought why not take about this simpler solution a diy portable outdoor fireplace.

If you can lay a couple of cement bricks on top of each other, you can do this. You do not even have to use any mortar. This is the very reason why this is a simple and portable solution. You just simply dismantle it to move to another location in your backyard.

DIY Portable Outdoor Fireplace Plans
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • cement blocks
  • old grill racks
  • firewood
  • shovel
  • lighter
  • pots and pans

Step by Step Instructions

1. Identify a location in your backyard and mark it out using the bricks.
The width should be 3 bricks laying flat down in the center and 2 bricks on
their side, on each side.

2. Use the shovel to dig a shallow foundation about 5 inches deep.

3. Lay the 2 outer bricks on their side, on the either side.
Then lay down one brick flat on down next to each one.
You should leave a space in the middle for your ashes.

4. Place the smaller grill on top of the two middle bricks.

5. Lay down 2 more bricks on top of the foundation bricks on either side, to make the outer wall.

6. Place the larger grill on the wall, and secure it in place with one brick on either side.

7. Build the back wall from the ground up, by simply laying 3 columns of brinks (see picture above)

8. Your outdoor fireplace/wood cooker is ready to go.

How to use? Arrange some firewood on the bottom grill and start your fire. Place your pot or pan on the larger top grill and start cooking.

You can use the outer walls as storage or just place your other pots and cooking essentials on top of them. On a cold or chilly night, you can also sit around this fireplace and keep yourselves warm.

I got this brilliant idea from Mother Earth News! 🙂

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