DIY Portable Charcoal Water Heater

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If I had a choice I would always choose a solar water heater for heating water on the homestead over any other type of heater. However, I understand that not everyone has warmed up to using solar yet, so this diy portable charcoal water heater would be a great alternative.

This water heater can be built entirely from recycled materials, that makes it very affordable. It is also portable which allows it to be transported to wherever it is needed, perfect for camping adventures too. Also instead of using charcoal you could just use the coal from a wood fire or stove.

DIY Portable Charcoal Water Heater
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 5 gallon plastic bucket
  • plumbing fittings
  • soft copper water pipe
  • old coffe can
  • small log
  • charcoal or wood coals
  • wire mesh
  • long transmission fluid funnel
  • spigot
  • compression fittings
  • lashed tripod
  • utility knife
  • water hose (optional)
  • shower head (optional)

Use the utility knife to cut a hole in the top of the plastic bucket to put the long transmission fluid funnel in. Remember the funnel must run all the way to the bottom so when you fill the bucket with water, the cold water goes to the bottom. Make another opening for the spigot around the middle section of the side of the bucket, this will let the hot water out of the bucket,

I like how he created the copper pipe coil by winding it up around a small log. This is attached to the other side of the bucket too and sits in the coffee can. The coffee can bottom has been to cut out, to allow the charcoal or wood ashes to breathe. If you like to shower, you can do so by attaching a hose, that has a shower head attached on the other end of it.

You can get more information on the Bow Hunting Forum, here…

DIY Portable Charcoal Water Heater


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