DIY Plastic Coffee Can Chicken Feeder

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Who says the best part of waking up should just be in Folgers your cup? What if you are a chicken and you do not have coffee in the morning, all you need is some good ole chicken feed. I think this diy hanging coffee can chicken feeder is one of the smartest ideas I have come across in a while.

Don’t throw away that coffee can, recycle it into a chicken feeder instead. All the other materials needed for this project are very affordable, most of them you probably have them lying around the homestead already. As for the plastic coffee can, you can use any brand’s can and not just the Folgers brand.

DIY Hanging Plastic Coffee Can Chicken Feeder

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • large empty plastic coffee can
  • plant drip tray or pie tin
  • small nuts and bolts
  • cord or chain
  • utility shears
  • hand drill
  • corrugated plastic (optional)

The size of your feeder depends soley on the size of the coffee can you decide to use. The first thing you have to do is us use the drill to make holes all around the bottom sides, and then use the shears to turn these holes into rectangular ports to allow the feed through into the tray.

Attach the tray to the bottom by drilling three even spaced holes in the bottom of both the tray and the can. Thread the cord through the bottom, all the way up through the plastic lid, which snaps on to the top. If you want to prevent feed waste, an additional corrugated plastic doughnut can be added to cover the feed in the tray.

You can follow step by step instructions on the Williamette Valley Homesteader blog, here…

DIY Hanging Plastic Coffee Can Chicken Feeder


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