DIY Plastic Bucket Nesting Boxes

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Our chickens need a nice comfortable place to lay those eggs for breakfast. I have see nesting boxes from crates before and plywood. This is my first time to run into these diy 5 gallon plastic bucket chicken nesting boxes.

They look pretty easy to make and they can be used for any chicken breed, regardless of size. Don’t worry your chickens will not have any problems with going in there and laying some eggs.

DIY Plastic Bucket Chicken Nesting Boxes
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 5 gallon plastic buckets
  • 2X4 plywood boards
  • utility knife
  • wood nails or screws
  • chicken wire
  • old bike tubing
  • straw
  • wood shavings (optional)

After cleaning your plastic buckets, you can go ahead and cut out two thirds of the lid. This prevents the chickens from making a mess with all the straw. Attach a section of some old bike tubing just slip it on, to protect your girls’ delicate feet from the sharp edges.

To keep the buckets sturdy attach the backs to some 2X4 boards, which can then be attached to the chicken coop. You can choose to use straw or wood shavings inside the nesting boxes, it is your choice.

You can get more information on Five Gallon Ideas blog, here…

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