DIY Plastic Bottle Vertical Onion Garden

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It is always very handy, to have your herbs and vegetables right there in the kitchen. You can just snip away what you need as you cook. I posted a post onĀ regrowing green onions in water, in your kitchen. Today we will be talking about how to grow a vertical onion garden in your kitchen using a plastic bottle.

As usual, with most of the diy projects I post on this blog, you have everything needed lying around in your house. The initial setup process especially cutting the holes out, seems a little tedious but that is as hard as this project gets.

DIY Plastic Bottle Vertical Onion Garden
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Onion bulbs
  • Tall Clear Round Plastic Bottle
  • Scissors
  • Potting Soil

The first step is to prepare your plastic bottle. Make sure its clean before you remove the neck and start to cut holes the whole way round that can fit the onion bulbs you will be planting. Lay your onion bulbs in a circular pattern, all the way up. Alternating between a layer of soil and a layer of onions.

Replace the top of the bottle in place and water your vertical garden. You want to place it on a window sill that gets a lot of sunlight during the day. Your onions will start growing within days and the green leaves will get longer and longer.

You can get full step by step instructions on the Fresh Organic Gardening blog, here…

How To Grow A Vertical Onion Garden


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