DIY Pedal Powered Grain Mill

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When you living off grid and you have no access to electricity, you can still mill your grains such as wheat, buckwheat or rye. This simple diy pedal powered grain mill, will get the job done.

It is made from two main components, a hand grain mill and an exercise bike. They are placed on some plywood when in use.

DIY Pedal Powered Grain Mill
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • manual hand grain mill
  • an old exercise bike
  • drive belt
  • two wedges

I love the idea that you do not have to bolt anything down when setting up this mill. It is portable, you can just pack it away when you are done.

It is also very silent when operational, and is able to mill very fine flour which is perfect for any baking. Pedaling away for just 10 minutes, is enough to produce enough floor to make bread.

You can get more information on the Provident Living blog, here…

DIY Pedal Powered Grain Mill


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