DIY Patio Side Table

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I noticed the other day that our patio had more seats than tables, so I have decided to correct that. I love the diy wood pallet bench and the diy wood pallet sofa on our patio, however I feel that they need some company. I believe this diy patio side table will get the job done.

For a woodwork project this one would be classified as an intermediate project. If you do not get the legs level you will get a wobbly table, so make sure that you measure twice and cut once your legs especially. As far as the required materials, you can reuse some leftover wood or make a quick run to your local hardware store for your supplies.

How To Build Your Own Patio Side Table
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 1×6 plywood
  • 2×2 plywood
  • handheld drill
  • marker
  • corner clamps
  • wood screws
  • level
  • wood plugs
  • glue
  • miter saw
  • wood stain (optional)

Cut your 1×6 into two lengths of 17″ and cut another two lengths at 18 1/2″. Trace the edge of the longer lengths on the shorter ones. Then place the two shorter boards on top of each other and drill two holes into them that will allow you to screw some centered screws. Counter board on the side with the better finish.

The corner clamps help hold everything together at the perfect 90 degree angle. Pre-drill all your holes to minimize the risk of split boards. Screw in the screws that hold the table frame together. Cut your four table top boards which are 22″ long. Center the frame on your laid out boards and trace out the shape.

Each interior board gets two screws, the exterior ones get one. Press the boards together before screwing into place and then sanding the top. Cut the 2×2 into 4 lengths that are 23 3/4″. Clamp them in place in each corner and then check that they are level before you screw them in. Each leg gets two screws. Use wood plugs to cover all the screws and give your side table that professional finish. Feel free to apply a wood stain too.

You can watch the video below on making a patio side table…


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