DIY One Plywood Board Chair

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Are you ready for yet another one of those fun, easy diy wood projects? At the end of which you will have more furniture for your home or homestead. These diy one plywood board chairs are portable so you can take them camping or use for any event that requires seating.

This simple chair is said to have been designed in the early 1700s. I love that although it is very simple to build, it is durable. No wood glue or screws are needed, and you can build it using very basic tools. How can I forget to mention the cost, at only about $10 a chair.

DIY One Board Portable Chair
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • plywood board
  • circular saw
  • square
  • ruler
  • hand held drill
  • tape measure
  • jig saw
  • pencil
  • wood finish (optional)
  • wood paint (optional)

The first step involves cutting out your back board. The followed by cutting out the seat board which is slightly shorter that the back board. (You can download the pdf plans here) Next we went on to mark the slots for the seat, before using the circular saw to cut out the sections from the board.

The tricky slot to cut has got to be on the back board. Take your time with this one. We first measured a template from the scrap boards and then used that to mark out the slot. The hubby had to take over and use the jigsaw to cut out the slot, I am a bit clumsy.

You are pretty much done with this project at this point. I took over at this point and ended up trimming off the corners of both boards and staining them with wood finish. You can also paint them but it is not necessary. When not in use, just disassemble, and lay one board on top of the other.

You can follow step by step instructions on Instructables, here…

DIY One Plywood Board Chair Plans


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