DIY Old Tractor Tire Pond

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Having a natural pond on your homestead is always best, but in case you do not have one and you would still want to have one, then it is nice to know that you can still build one. There is this diy recycled tractor tire pond that you can easily build yourself.

This is another great recycling and re-purposing project. These old tractor tyres are usually just thrown away, so you can probably find one of these for free. A little sweat and hard work will be required when it comes to digging the hole, probably wise to take your time with this.

DIY Old Tractor Tire Pond Plans
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • old tractor tire
  • level
  • sand
  • shovel
  • scroll saw
  • garden foil
  • sand
  • gravel
  • pebbles
  • big stones
  • plants
  • water

Get ready to get all sweaty especially on a hot summer afternoon, using the shovel to dig a hole big enough for the tire. Before placing the tire inside, ensure the bottom is flat by shovelling in some sand and flattening it out. When you sit your tire in the hole a little bit of it should remain above the edge.

Remove the upper section of the tire with a scroll scroll so as to widen your pond. The entire tire is then wrapped with foil, the spaces filled in with sand and gravel. The big stones go on top all the way around in a decorative pattern, after which you can go ahead and fill your pond with water. Paypal considered one of the most popular deposit options used in online casinos.

You can get step by step instructions on the Dream Garden 101 blog, here…

DIY Old Tractor Tire Pond Plans


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