DIY Old Towel Bath Mats

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I can barely remember the days anymore, when all that was old was thrown into the trash. Nowadays, more often than not we always upcycle or repurpose items. Remember the diy old fridge cheese cave, the diy old futon hay feeder and recently the diy t-shirt tote bags. Well, today we will be adding on to that list with these diy bath maths from old towels.

Don’t throw away those old towels, instead turn them into these beautiful bath mats. Besides, I think you can use these anywhere around your home where you need mats and not just the bathroom. There is just 5 easy steps to making these, with a little practice you can probably start making these in your sleep. It is a great project for the whole family too.

DIY Old Towel Bath Mat
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

Use your rotary cutter as well as the cutting mat to cut out strips about 3 inches wide. You can use a scissors too. but it may take longer depending on the thickness of your towels. Take 3 strips, lay them down and pin them together before sewing. It is way easier if you remove any borders, I know it sounds like a lot of unnecessary work, but trust me on this. I learnt the hard way.

Begin folding the sides into the middle, then in half. Use the pins to secure whilst you sew everything together. Remove all the pins and braid your strips. Continue sewing on more strips as you get to the end of each one. You should have a long braided rope when done, just twist to make a coil. Sew the coils together in order to secure in place. Voila you are done! 🙂

You can follow step by step instructions on the Buzz Feed blog, here…

DIY Bath Mats From Old Towels

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You can watch the video below on how to make a bathmat out of old towels…


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