DIY Old Satellite Dish Solar Cooker

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Ahhh, the joys of solar cooking with renewable energy. It is amazing how fast you can cook or heat things using the rays of the sun. It is easy to make your own diy old satellite dish solar cooker too.

An old satellite dish is not something that is hard to find, these things are everywhere. Ask a neighbor, visit a junk yard or just take down an old one you do not use anymore. This project is both super easy and affordable.

DIY Old Satellite Dish Solar Cooker

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • old 3’9″ satellite dish
  • reflective foil panels
  • old swivel office chair
  • tripod
  • black pot
  • nuts and bolts

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1

Clean the surface of the satellite dish and stick on the self adhesive reflective
panels to cover the whole front surface.

Step 2

Attach the satellite dish to the swivel chair so that it rotates freely.

Step 3

Find the focal point of the suns rays, and adjust your tripod so that your
pot sits in this exact spot.

Step 4

Place your pot, with water or food in the hot zone and let the sun’s rays
do the rest of the work.

Step 5

Enjoy your solar cooked or heated food! 🙂

This solar cooker can boil up 1 liter of water in just 5 to 10 minutes. You can make your tripod from scrap metal or purchase one online.

You can watch the video below, how to build satellite dish solar cooker…


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