DIY Old Fridge Smoker

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Who does not love smoked meat? We have previously made the ugly drum bbq smoker in the backyard, then we tried the diy flower pot smoker and the homemade cold smoker. Today however, let us look at how to turn an old fridge into a smoker.

This project is perfect for re-purposing those old metal fridges from the 50’s that no one uses anymore. The old fridge smoker, will allow you to smoke more meat at the same time, because you have more space in there. Total cost of project is approximately $100.

DIY Old Fridge Smoker

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • old metal fridge
  • aluminum duct
  • stainless steel bowl
  • foil tape
  • electric single burner
  • smoking chips
  • hand drill
  • thermometer
  • hammer
  • castor wheels (optional)
  • fire rope (optional)

The first thing you want to do, is remove the insides of the door exposing the metal. Then reinsert the door stabilizers. The racks and the freezer box, have to come out too. Then head over to the back and remove the freon as well as the back of the fridge.

Do not remove the rubber seal around the door. Use the hand drill to drill a hole in the front door for the thermometer, then place it in the hole whilst tightening the back. Replace the door plastics with aluminum tape. Then make a hole in the back freezer cover the same size as the duct.

Insert the chimney into the hole you made for the duct. Seal all the gaps around the chimney with aluminum foil tape, both in the front and the back. Place the dampner over the chimney it helps to control the smoke. You can remove the bottom legs, and replace with castor wheels , to make it easier to move the fridge.

How To Use: Simply place the burner with the bowl of wood chips on top of it. Switch on the burner and shut the door. Allow to run for about 25 to 30 minutes to get to the perfect smoking temperature of around 140 – 150 degrees F.

You can watch the video below on how to turn an old fridge into a smoker…


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