DIY Old Fridge Cheese Cave

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I have always enjoyed many different types of cheese. Until recent years, most of it was purchased from either the grocery store. Then I discovered I could make my own homemade parmesan cheese or homemade coby cheese. Nowadays, we make our cheese on the homestead and are now ready for this diy old fridge cheese cave.

If you have ever tried building your own cheese cave, then you know that keeping the mold out is a huge issue. The good news is that, you no longer have to worry about mold and it wont break the bank either. The total cost of the project is about $225. Which is pretty damn good, if you ask me.

How To Make A Cheese Cave
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

The perfect fridge size for this project, is about six cubic feet, this helps with power saving. Make sure your fridge is not located in a room that gets colder than the fridge temperatures. Plugin your fridge and test the temperature for a period of at least 7 days before loading your cheese into it.

Locate your drain valve, and connect the vinyl tubing to assist with the drainage. Then you can move on to connecting the air pump as well as the humidifier. If wooden shelves are required, you can build and install those. Also if you need more light, then you can install a small light too.

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DIY Old Fridge Cheese Cave

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