DIY Old Drawer Raised Herb Garden Beds

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Today I ran into a cute little idea for herb garden. If you have old drawers lying around the house or garage then maybe you too can build this diy old drawer raised herb garden.

Since you will be using old drawers, the cost of this project is not too much. You can also find some 2X4s lying around for the legs, and instead of buying the herbs why not grow your own.

DIY Old Drawer Raised Herb Garden Beds
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • organic soil
  • herb plants
  • old drawers
  • 2×4 plywood
  • wood crews
  • hand drill
  • chalk paint (optional)

After you pull out the drawers, the first step is to attach the legs. You will need four legs for each drawer and find a way to attach them firmly onto the drawers.

The painting of the drawers is optional, if you have time and what a pretty herb garden you can go ahead and do that. Or perhaps get the kids to have fun and do it for you.

You can follow step by step instructions on Designed By Dawn Nicole blog, here

DIY Old Drawer Raised Herb Beds


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