DIY No Spill PVC Chicken Feeder

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Oh my, if are raising chickens or have raised chickens you know how they can waste a lot of feed. Here’s a solution that can save you a lot feed and money, build this diy no spill PVC chicken feeder.

It literally takes about 3 minutes to assemble, anyone can do this. However, simple as it may sound it does an amazing job when it comes to preventing feed wastage.

DIY No Spill PVC Chicken Feeder
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 3″ PVC sewer pipe
  • 45-degree “Y” connector
  • 3″ PVC caps
  • hacksaw
  • PVC cement
  • plastic ties or wire

The PVC sewer pipe has to be cut and then the 3 sections that make contact with the Y connector are glued to it using the PVC cement. Although it is recommended that you glue the sections together, you do not have to. Just be careful when you use or move the feeder.

The end caps are used to protect your feed from weather and pests. One covers the top where you put the feed and the other covers the bottom during times when the chickens are not feeding, like at night.

You can follow step by step instructions on Instructables here…

DIY No Spill PVC Chicken Feeder


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