DIY Mini Polytunnel Greenhouse

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If you are gardening in the colder climates or during the winter it is recommended that you erect a greenhouse. We have a few different size ones on our homestead like the larger geodesic dome greenhouse and the smaller greenhouse. The diy mini polytunnel greenhouse, is a perfect starter greenhouse.

It seems pretty simple to erect one of these, also commonly known as the original $50 greenhouse. That is how much it would cost if you are buying all the materials from your local hardware store. I like to see what I can reuse first, before heading out to buy anything else I cannot find around here. That usually saves us up to half the budget or even more at times. This project takes about 60 minutes to complete.

DIY Mini Polytunnel Greenhouse
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • PVC pipes
  • wood strip
  • wood boards
  • clear plastic sheet
  • metal corner braces
  • hacksaw
  • staple gun
  • hammer
  • galvanized nails
  • pipe clamps with screws
  • heavy duty black plastic
  • tape measure
  • marker
  • dowels

You want to find a nice sunny spot in your backyard or garden to locate your polytunnel. Lay down the heavy duty black plastic before constructing the wood frame that holds the whole structure together. Evenly mark out 5 spots on each side opposite each other and place your pipe clamps in these.

It is time to carefully bend your PVC pipes, and insert the into the clamps. Another pipe goes across the top with dowels on it, this provides more support for the structure. The backend of the plastic is stapled into the backboard, whilst the front is stapled to the 2×2 wood board. This makes it easier to open and access your greenhouse.

You can follow step by step instuctions on the Sow And Dipity blog, here…

DIY Mini Polytunnel Greenhouse Plans

You can watch the video below on how to build a polytunnel…


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