DIY Magazine Coasters

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You know what, I think I got hit hard by the repurposing bug these last couple of weeks. First it was the diy t-shirt tote bags and then the diy old towel bath mats. What can you do with those old magazines besides those diy sun dried paper briquettes? Hmmmm, what about trying to make these cute diy magazine coasters?

It had been a while since I had included my little girls in a project. This is a simple and fun project you can do with the family. The main required material, is readily available for free. This also makes this repurposing project super affordable. My hubby didn’t want to be left out, so eve he made one or two of his own. LOL

DIY Magazine Coasters
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • old magazines
  • sharp utility knife
  • ruler
  • acrylic sealer (optional)

Start with 6 pages cut in half lengthwise. Then go on to fold in half and again into thirds, making sure that you hide the cut edges inside. You are now ready to begin the weaving process, starting in the bottom left corner of your coaster interlocking two of the folded strips. Take one more strip and wrap it around horizontally of that bottom strip.

This is the basic weaving that you will repeat over and over again. After a while you will get the hang of it, but remember to keep checking that you are doing it right. You close out each coaster when you have 6 horizontal and vertical strips with a trim on one end and a tuck in on the other. We didn’t seal any of ours, however if you wish to do so use any acrylic sealer. Have fun! 🙂

You can follow step by step instructions on the How About Orange blog, here…

DIY Magazine Coasters

You can watch the video below on diy magazine coaster tutorial…

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