DIY Liquid Garden Fence Recipe

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Sometimes a fence around your garden is just not enough for those pesky wild rabbits. So I had to go online today and see what else I could do to save what is left of my garden. That is how I came across this diy liquid fence recipe.

It is all natural, so it should not affect the environment which is good. Apparently if you have problems with deer, this works too. You only need 4 ingredients for this recipe and they are readily available on any homestead, which is awesome!

How To Make A Liquid Garden Fence

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • eggs
  • crushed garlic cloves
  • dish soap
  • clove essential oil
  • water
  • pump sprayer
  • old bucket
  • strainer or cloth
  • wooden stick (for mixing)

Sit your old bucket outside, I did it in the garden so I could get as messy as I could without worrying about cleaning up. The eggs and the garlic went in first, followed by the water. Thank goodness the bucket we used had a lid, so we just placed it on and left the stuff to ferment as instructed for 2 whole days under the sun. I wanted it to get real strong. lol

Oh my lawd, when we finally opened that lid, that smell was just something else. We basically had to hold our breath as much as we could as we strained the garlic chunks out and mixed in the dish soap and the clove essential oil. The deadly concoction was finally ready and we put it into the sprayer, sprayed around the garden. So far so good, seems to work like a charm.

You can follow step by step instructions on The Praire Homestead Blog, here…

DIY Liquid Garden Fence Recipe


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