DIY In Ground Fire Pit

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Sometimes I am just browsing the internet, when I run into these really cool ideas that I add then to my ever expanding ‘to try’ list. This has led to some awesome projects such as this diy pvc wood carrier and this diy wood pallet garden pathway. Last week I ran into this diy in ground fire pit from Lowes, and I really loved the idea.

You know I am a fan of these projects that when you look at the end project, you immediately think… oh my that must have been difficult to build. When in reality it was super easy. I also love how this fire pit is built into the ground, and then the exterior is surrounded by a small patio.

DIY In Ground Fire Pit
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • cinder blocks
  • sand
  • gravel stones
  • pvc pipes
  • string
  • marker paint
  • shovel
  • drainage tube
  • wheel barrow
  • hand tamper

The perfect location for your pit has to be away from the house and well draining. You gotta mark out the area you will be digging before you begin. The inner circle which will be the actual pit should be deeper than the outer one. The cinder blocks in the middle are the main walls of the pit.

The area around the pit is mainly compressed sand, that is laid down a few inches at a time. When it comes time to lay the pavers on the top, there is this little trick where you use PVC pipes to help you make sure that the sand is level. I will try to incorporate as many of the little finishing touches as is possible, when we build ours too.

You can watch the video below on how to build an in ground fire pit…


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