DIY Ice Cream Cone Seed Starters
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Every plant in your garden was once a seed. If you do not know how to successfully get your seeds germinate and started, then you ultimately have no garden. In the past we have looked at diy egg shell seed starters as well as diy citrus peel seed starters. I found yet another option which is the diy ice cream cone seed starters.

If you do not want to buy ice cream cones for this project you can always make your own at home instead. The advantage of using these for planting your seeds, is that when it comes to transplanting you can simply plant the cone into your pot or the ground. The cone is biodegradable, so over time it will decompose.

DIY Ice Cream Cone Seed Starters

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

The best type of cones to use for this are flat based ones, as you can leave them to stand on their own. Start by filling the cone with a nice high quality soil and then follow by planting your seed into the cone, before watering it. Remember to keep them in a location that gets a lot of sunlight, a windowsill is perfect.

A few things that to keep in mind. If you over water your cone, it is most likely that it will become mushy and disintegrate. Therefore, use just enough water to keep the soil moist and promote germination. Depending on the seeds, germination can take anywhere from a few days up to 21 days.

You can get more information on the Gardening Know How blog, here…

DIY Ice Cream Cone Seed Starters

You can watch the video below on diy ice cream cone seed starters…


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